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Celebrating 43 years of filmmaking, Troma Entertainment, Inc. is the world's longest running independent movie studio. After creating a new kind of sexy comedy in the 70’s and putting a new face on the movie superhuman hero in the 80’s with The Toxic Avenger, Troma continues to break new ground to this day with their latest projects, Return To Nuke Em High Vol 1 & 2 as well as the new talk show 'Kabukiman's Cocktail Corner' on TromaMovies YouTube Channel! See some of Troma's Sexiest Movies in the Hotmovies theater and find out more at!

'Kabukiman's Cocktail Corner' producer Doug Sakmann also has a game show series on Hotmovies where men subject themselves to pain and humiliation to win a chance to see some boobies. No, it is not called marriage, it is called Strip For Pain!

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Superstarlet AD

Video: Superstarlet AD

7 Ratings
Release Year: 2000

Superstarlet A.D. is a unique erotic Beauty Cult. Leader, Brunette Naomi, has one . . .