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Side Effects IV Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:14:44
Released: 2016
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    Jay Smooth is working on an experimental medicine that will cause a woman's breasts to grow without surgery. He injects testosterone hormone that will make the fatty tissue in a woman's breasts swell, she could gain an entire cup size bigger. Many women are lined up to try this experimental medicine but Dr. Jay is very particular on who he chooses. Megan Rain seems like a great candidate: she's open minded, has a great attitude, and signed the waiver of liability without hesitation.

    Jay inspects Megan's supple breasts, his nurse Ms. Chechik diligently jots down notes. Megan asks enthusiastically, "Am I a good candidate?" Jay tells her that he is willing to try a small dose, to see how her body reacts to the testosterone. Megan is disappointed when she hears the word, "small," small is NOT how she wants her breasts, she wants large breasts, C, D, or maybe even DD cup breasts on her tiny frame. She tricks Dr. Jay and takes the entire vial of medication inside of her.

    Nurse Chechik is very concerned for her, "What did you do?!" The doctor and the nurse watch as Megan's breasts pulsate, right before their eyes, Megan begins to sweat. Nurse Chechik jots down her symptoms and Megan lets out a whimper, then a moan, she tries to hold back her pleasure moans, she is feeling so wet. Her panties moisten, her clit fills with blood, and she bucks her hips slightly as her clit grows. The nurse and doctor watch in horror and intrigue. Megan looks at R.N. Chechik with new eyes.

    Nurse Chechik isn't just the nameless assistant to the infamous Doctor Jay, she is now Adriana, exotic, alluring, and everything about her is perfect: her green eyes shine, her lips beg to be kissed, her breasts look so perky under her cotton blue nurse scrubs.. Megan starts to feel turned on by a woman for the very first time, the thought crosses her mind that she should feel ashamed for what she wants to do. Megan allows her body to do what it wants and she grabs her, she must have her!

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    Cast & Stars: Side Effects IV

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